A passion for design

House of Hunt is a boutique interior design studio led by industry legend Holly Hunt, who along with a team of trusted collaborators, architects, and designers, creates enduring, luxurious spaces with an equal attention to interior architecture and furnishings. House of Hunt also offers bespoke product development and collaboration.

The HoH vision combines a passion for design and artistry, an innate understanding of composition and construction, and an obsession with refinement and detail. These come together to create a sense of modern living that is both relevant and timeless, where shape, materials, precision, and scale take center stage.

Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt is a celebrated American businesswoman and esteemed figure in the interior design industry, known for transforming a small furniture showroom into a globally respected luxury design brand.

In 1983, Hunt opened her first HOLLY HUNT showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart selling custom furnishings to the interior-design trade. Led by entrepreneurial instinct, she revolutionized the industry of American interior design over the following 30 years, reshaping the presentation of furnishings by assembling an unprecedented array of diverse makers and design perspectives in a gallery-like setting. Holly made her lasting mark on the industry by way of enhanced client service and evolved business practices. She also raised the quality of design and product overall and went on to design her own high-quality furniture, lighting, and textile collections while expanding her business to more than a dozen U.S. and international locations. In 2014, she sold her company HOLLY HUNT to Knoll.

Hunt has continually inspired change and innovation throughout her career. Led by her astute business acumen, discerning eye, and her constant instinct to challenge the status quo, she remains committed to pushing boundaries within the industry. In 2021, she embarked on a new endeavor: House of Hunt, a boutique interior design studio.

House Of Hunt Interior Design Chicago Holly Hunt Headshot